Flickr Flowr Badge

A Flickr Badge is a way Flickr lets you display groups of photos on your web pages. This is an HTML Flickr badge that displays random photos from my Flowers set on Flickr. (Click here for Blake Garden blog items, and here for the Flowers blog category.) If you refresh your browser, you will see different images in the badge.

Besides HTML badges, Flickr Badges come in a Flash variety. You can see one (actually, four) here. I haven’t got the Flash badges to work yet within WordPress because of some complications regarding JavaScript within WordPress’s PHP content pages, but when I do get the JavaScript/Flash to work in WordPress I will blog it for your edification.

Within Flickr, to create a badge, you start by choosing HTML or Flash. Next, you decide the source of the photos. The choices are: all your photos, all your photos with a specific tag, a public set of your photos, a group pool of photos, or everyone’s photos. If you are creating an HTML badge, you can decide to show most recent photos, or random photos. With the HTML badge, you choose the number of photos to display, the size, and the orientation (horizontal or vertical).

With either a Flash or an HTML badge, you choose the color scheme, and the code is generated for you. Copy and paste it into your web page (unless it is a Flash badge and WordPress), and you are done! Way cool.

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