Creature of the Night
(or, the Were-Photographer)

With all the night photography I’ve been doing lately, I’ve begun to feel a bit like a night owl. To put this in another context, sometimes I think I am a mole blinking at the sunlight. Weird for a photographer. In fact, maybe I am becoming a were-Photographer.

My friend Mark reminded me recently that there is more to photography than darkness. I don’t have to be a mole, or a creature of the night.

Although I do tend to focus on my current photographic obsession, whatever that is. So I guess I’ll be photographing the night for a while more. Until I go on to the next photographic obsession.

In the spirit of recognizing that there is more to photography than digital darkness, here’s one of my first captures from Arch Rock while it was still somewhat light. The photo shows the remote side of Point Reyes stretching down to the great cape culminating in the Point Reyes lighthouse. I exposed for six seconds at ISO 100 and f/4, and it was still light enough for plenty of detail to be rendered quite realistically.

The rest of the story, as light faded and the captures became more expressionistic: Night Shore; Renegade Remaining Photons; Twilight Turns to Night.

Photographers of the night unite! A-bleh (in Transylvanian accent with incisors getting longer)!

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