Ten Top Techniques

I was recently asked to compile ten of my favorite tips and techniques from Light & Exposure for Digital Photographers. Here's a look at what I selected, along with the…


Katie’s Smile

Katie's Smile, photo by Harold Davis. When we visit Katie Rose in her new quarters in NICU West she opens her eyes, glad to see us. Temperature checked, diaper changed,…

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Sunflower, photo by Harold Davis. View this image larger. Briefly noted: I grew this delicious Sunflower for the purposes of photography. Putting it on a black velvet background, I made…



Multitasking, photo by Harold Davis. Mathew, who just turned four, gets so engrossed in his computer that he needs to multitask. Which in his case means dragging his small wooden…


The Progress of Katie Rose

Katie Rose is progressing. The NICU at CPMC is organized into three different rooms: North is where babies are admitted, first treated and evaluated; East is where babies grow long…

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Dome of St Ignatius Church, photo by Harold Davis. View this image larger. Briefly noted: this is the dome of the Jesuit St Ignatius Church, adjacent to San Francisco University.…

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Jesuit Baroque

Briefly noted: the Jesuit parish St. Ignatius Church was built in 1914 following the destruction of a previous Jesuit church in the great San Francisco earthquake. The docent history of…

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