Stove Top

Stove Top, photo by Harold Davis. View this image larger. There's a bit of magic in any kitchen. Food is life. Looking in the reflections on this stove top I…

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Rose Heart

Time in this society, and on the Internet, is biased to the now. But who is to say that a photo I took a while back isn't every bit as…


Seizing the Day

Amy wrote, "I was impressed with your photos and one of your flowers in particular helped inspire a design for my tattoo." She sent me a link to a photo…


Drop City

Drop City, photo by Harold Davis. Close up, the water drops gathered on the petal of the Rio Samba Rose remind me of a city, or civilization, all huddled together…


Do Over

As I've noted, being digital means you never have to be done. When I originally post-processed the images in this story, I was a little drunk with the power of…



Indomitable, photo by Harold Davis. View this image larger. Winter morning in Yosemite dawned cold with flakes of snow and remnant fog, but the promise of a possible clear day…

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Purple Flower Dance

Purple Flower Dance, photo by Harold Davis. View this image larger. Briefly noted: Like Gaillardia Gone to Seed, this is a flatbed scan, using a black velvet cloth taped into…


Sleeping Angels

Sleeping Angels, photo by Harold Davis. When Phyllis puts Katie Rose to bed, she sits holding our little angel. Often Phyllis falls asleep herself. Like Katie Rose in Chiaroscuro, this…

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