The Earth Is Our Mother

Are titles important? Can a poetic title add meaning to a photo? Or should a photo speak for itself, in the sense that adding a title that seems too much a cliche may detract from the experience of looking at the image? Is a rose by any other name as fair?

As I was processing this photo of the Wave last night, the phrase “The Earth Is Our Mother” came to me in connection with the image. This may originally have been a translation of the opening line of a Hopi chant. It’s hard to take exception with the idea that the earth is our mother: but for the earth, we would surely not exist. This world is a beautiful place, full of wonder and mystery. I can see this at home, in my garden or with my family. And I can feel the beauty, wonder, and mystery when I visit and photograph a place like the Wave.

[This photo: 46mm in 35mm terms, 4 seconds at f/22 and ISO 100, tripod mounted.]

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