Explorations, projects, digital collages, constructions, and more

I confess: sometimes I lose track of my own work. Lately—over the past year or so—I’ve been working on related themes, groupings of images that are tightly, or loosely, linked. The very nature of blogging and social media, not to mention photography’s voracious ability to create imagery of all kinds, means these themes can get lost. In response, I decided to start an Explorations page with links to…explorations, digital collages, constructions, meanderings, and ongoing artistic projects—organized thematically.

This has been an enjoyable way for me to get a better handle on what I’ve been up to (sometimes this isn’t apparent even to the artist until some way down the road of creation). Maybe you will like some of the projects and ideas as well.

X-rays and Fusion X-rays (2018-2019); About

Camino de Santiago (2018-2019); Story

Monochrome Florals (2011-2019); Story

Bottled Light (2018-2019); Words

Curves Ahead (2019); Words

Homage to Rothko (2018-2019)

White Daemon (2018); About

Easy Travel to Other Planets (2018-2019)

Optical Studies (2018-2019); Story

Petal Galaxy (2015-2019); Story

Dancing with the Stars (2017-2018); Story

Blades of Grass (2017-2018); About

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