This Too Shall Pass—and What Then?

This too shall pass. It will take some time. Perhaps far longer than we’d like, and there will be tragic losses. The changes that will be wrought will be more fundamental and wide-ranging than most people realize at this point in time.

Civilization © Harold Davis
Civilization © Harold Davis

A new society will arise from the ashes. Let’s not give into the forces of authoritarianism and evil. Let’s use this as a learning experience to implement:

  • Universal health care
  • Less of a gap between rich and poor
  • More, better, and different education
  • More reflection and thoughtfulness about the way resources are shared and distributed
  • Practicing kindness, empathy, and communal feeling, along with respect for the individual

Of course, not everyone will agree with me about the new world we should build. But let’s take the silver lining in the cloud, and create a new order that appreciates art, and is gentler and more thoughtful.

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Cycle of Life © Harold Davis
Cycle of Life © Harold Davis

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  1. Hi harold
    hope everything is good with you!
    staying indoors away from people!
    It would be nice if you could do a free webinar on lightbox flower photography!

    thank you mike C

  2. Thank you Mike. We are in the preparation stages of a full slate of both free and paid real-time live webinars on topics that include Photographing Flowers for Transparency.

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