Ten things to make me happy come the Zombie Apocalypse

  • Toilet paper. Who really cares? I don’t. Folks will generally find a way to clean their you-know-whats. Feel superior (but still kindly and compassionate) to folks obsessing about TP.
  • In a Zombie Apocalypse you don’t have to drive the kids to school, or pick them up.
  • There’s no need to get dressed for meetings during a Zombie Apocalypse, at least below the waist. You can wear your bedroom slippers all day, if you’d like.
  • A Zombie Apocalypse is a great time to finish all those creative projects you have on hold.
  • Staying at home is good for gardening, and for flower photography.
  • Coffee. We have a blend from Scarlet City Roasting that is guaranteed to see us through the Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Keto-friendly chocolate. I have a box of very low carb chocolate bars coming from the Good Chocolate Company. This delicious chocolate is actually pretty good for you even if you are staying away from sugar. Discount code: STAYHOMEWITHCHOCOLATE.
  • I know we won’t go nuts because we get nuts delivered quickly and in certified gluten-free style from Nuts.com.
  • All the inspirational musicians playing from home on YouTube every day. Particularly Mary Chapin Carpenter.
  • Cleaner air. This is a wonderful thing, and should make us all plan to have cleaner air without a pandemic.

Okay, so there are actually eleven things: last, but hardly least, staying home and spending time with my wonderful family!

Point Bonita Lighthouse © Harold Davis

Point Bonita Lighthouse © Harold Davis

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