Apple Slices, a Spiral, and a Webinar Recording

OK, so things here are weird today. If the pandemic and putrid politics of hate weren’t bad enough—today we are living in twilight, enveloped by darkness. You’d think it was night outside. The fires that have blanketed the west coast states are forming a neutral density filter high in the sky, combining with the normal Bay area fog, and casting a lurid, dark orange tinted twilight.

On that note, or maybe not, here are some apple slices on the light box (this is a notionally pink apple, but it looks more like red to me once it has been sliced and placed on the light box).

There's always one in every barrel! © Harold Davis

There’s always one in every barrel! © Harold Davis

Next up, a combination of small rocks in a spiral on the light box with root vegetables and fruit.

piral of Pebbles, Fruit, and Root Vegetables © Harold Davis

Spiral of Pebbles, Fruit, and Root Vegetables © Harold Davis

Check out Hydrangea Blossoms and Rock Spiral for a related image.

Finally, do check out the cool recording of The Solace of Nature webinar on YouTube, co-starring photographer William Neill, and in recognition of the publication by Rocky Nook of Bill’s Light on the Landscape and my new book, Creative Garden Photography.

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