Pandemic Print Pricing Offer Still Applies

I’d like to remind potential print collectors that we are still offering a “pandemic” print special (please click the link for the details of our specially-priced offer). I am optimistic and hopeful that widespread vaccination will end the pandemic this spring. Returning to a new normal will mean an end to our pandemic print special. So if collecting one of my prints at a very special price interests you, please don’t delay!

During the pandemic, it has been great to be able to put my work in tangible form in the hands of collectors at an affordable price, and great when I hear from a discerning print recipient (as I did the other day): “Thanks Harold for the print. It is deliciously delicate and I love it!” Another collector writes “[Our print is] so beautiful and we will enjoy it in our home. We knew it would be wonderful, but this far exceeds what we imagined.”

It is worth pointing out that pandemic print special applies to almost all of my images. The choice of image is yours, and I will try to match the image with the best paper to make the most graceful and beautiful print possible!

Peonies mon Amour © Harold Davis, shown on washi with ink stamp

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