Blackberry showing seeds

Washing berries for breakfast, I was struck by the way some of the seeds in the blackberry appeared. Unlike most of the blackberry, or indeed most blackberries one eats, the clump of seeds in the upper left of this photo have not pollinated, and are clearly shown for the “naked” seeds they are.

Blackberry showing seeds © Harold Davis

I have been asked a couple of times about my posting a photo that is so different from the styles that I am “known for.” 

The simple answer is that I thought the seeds in this berry looked interesting.

A more complicated answer is that I have been known for photographing close-ups (I go through phases), I get bored easily and don’t like being “pigeon holed,” and photography is a medium with a wide range of looks, styles, and applications, from fashion to journalism to botanical art and beyond. Why be self-limiting (when the world will do this for one quickly enough)?

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