Fire and Ice, Sunflowers and Poppy Pods

Candy Mountain Sunflower © Harold Davis

I’m off to Iceland in a few days, and very excited about the adventure. I do find that my packing and travel preparation jujitsu has somewhat atrophied over the pandemic year, and there is much to do before I leave. I think it is likely that my next blog story will be from Iceland—unless I am having too much fun to write!

Meanwhile, please consider our current workshop and live webinar options:

  • Out of Chicago Botanic: Flower & Garden Photography Conference, August 29 – September 2, 2021. In person, near the Chicago Botanic Garden. Click here for information and registration.
  • Photography on Black | Saturday November 20, 2021 at 11am PT click here for registration. Click here for more info. This is a live Zoom webinar. Both images accompanying this story were created using the techniques that this webinar will explain.

Dried Poppy Pods – Longitudinal and Latitudinal Slices © Harold Davis

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