Gentle Adventures Are Us

As an inveterate traveler, I crave adventures. Not soul crushing desperate adventures, but life affirming, creative adventures. With this gentle style of adventuring, you come back having met many people, seen new things, and ready to view the world with fresh eyes.

Somewhere in Rural France © Harold Davis

So I am excited to leave for France next week, where I’ll spend a few days with friends in Paris. Then onward to the southwest of France, where I’ll spend some time with a wonderful group at the charming Mas de Garrigue

Next, I’ll spend a few weeks walking a portion of the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

My plan is to post on Instagram and Flickr, and to blog—of course, only as I am able, because in travel “being there” always come first. I might have experiences to experience! But if I can, I will bring you along with me, so you can see the world through my eyes.

Garden along the Camino © Harold Davis

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