Harold Davis Water Lilies Poster

Browsing the Internet, I came across a copy of my Water Lilies poster for sale. The poster dates to 1980, and the image was probably my first widely published photo (it was also in American Photographer magazine, and used by Nikon). 

The poster was created using offset lithography, and advertised an exhibition of my work at Arras Gallery in New York City. It was published by Modernart Editions. The original retail price was, as I recollect, $25. I think there were about 2,500 printed (a few are in my flat files to this day). In this case, the seller is asking $150 for a copy that is in “Good/Fair Condition—[with] imperfections from age and handling (i.e. creasing, discoloration).” So I think my poster has basically kept pace with inflation!

Of course, being from 1980, this was an analog image. It began life as a Kodachrome 64 slide, photographed during a backpacking trip to the Wind River Range in Wyoming, probably in 1978. I worked on press directly with the 4-color separation films to enhance the graphic effect of the water lilies against the very dark background. Sure easier to do this kind of thing in Photoshop!

More of my posters from the analog era: Dance of Spring; New York New York (also here); and a few published by Editions Limited from more recent times.

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