Dancing with the Pasta Stars!

It’s amazing what one can do with pasta stars, a light box, and LAB color. Dancing with the Pasta Stars was created using LAB in Photoshop from the version of the pasta spiral photographed on my light box (below) and then inverted (bottom).

Dancing with the Pasta Stars © Harold Davis

Spiral Pasta Nebula © Harold Davis

Spiral Pasta Nebula Inversion © Harold Davis

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  1. Harold Davis August 28, 2022 at 10:30 am #

    A further note: oddly, the “Dancing with the Pasta Stars” image shown at the top of this story was repeatedly rejected without explanation by Instagram when I tried to post it. Phyllis’s explanation (and it seems like the most plausible one) is that IG’s automated image analysis artificial intelligence mistook the image for human female breasts. In which case, the artificial intelligence is not so intelligent. Also, the lack of avenue for having a human being review (or a reason given) on a silly decision (albeit over a minor issue) is troubling.

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