Atomic Bomb Dome, Hiroshima

The atomic bomb dome is the only structure left even partially standing after the detonation of the first atom bomb over Hiroshima. This structure, built in 1915 with a gorgeous green dome, was an event space used for expositions. Its partial survival, while 140,000 people around it and their dwellings were reduced to ash, was due to the physics of being at the epicenter under the bomb drop.

Today the atomic bomb dome is a Unesco World Heritage site and part of Hiroshima Peace Park. It is preserved in a state of arrested decay as a reminder of the horror of the deed, and of the horror of war.

I have to wonder: the world is such a marvelous place, and people can be so giving and kind. Why, then, do we do this to ourselves, almost set in a loop on repeat, and create a hell in heaven’s despite?

Atomic Bomb Dome, Hiroshima © Harold Davis

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  1. I just finished your book “creative Black and White” I really enjoyed the book and got a lot out of it. Actually one of my favorite parts was the section on snapped for I phones. I seem to gravitate toward the cell phone much more than I used to and really appreciate the short tutorial on the subject. This photo reminded me of my trip to Japan in 2018. I took the same image of the atomic bomb building. I hope you got to the museum as well. It was a real eyeopener, especially now. I don’t have an active website since I am very much an amateur but my I gram account is under photodog28 and my Flickr account is my name Albert W Erickson.

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