Death Valley Campsite

Death Valley Campsite

Death Valley Campsite, photo by Harold Davis. View this image larger.

After shooting several night stacks, I plugged the camera into my big battery and went to sleep in my tent. You can see from the light in the tent that I read for a bit. This is about four hours worth of exposures, stacked together.

My tent was pitched in the walk-in area of Furnace Creek Campground in Death Valley. Since I’d been up a good portion of the night shooting, I was hoping to sleep in. But no such luck: heavy trucks started rumbling at 6AM seemingly not far from where I was sleeping. I still haven’t figured what they were doing. One theory: tanker trucks watering the 16-hole golf course. Don’t even get me started on a golf course in a desert in a National Park where they are urging visitors to conserve water. It just don’t make sense.

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