Calla Lily

Briefly noted: I photographed this Calla Lily for suppleness and curvature, like a cello or a woman's body, using a long (300mm) focal length stacked with 68mm of extension tubes.

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83rd Birthday

My parents, Martin Davis and Virginia Davis, on the recent occasion of a family lunch to celebrate my Dad's 83rd birthday, taken with my Nikon P7000. Nice soft light coming…


Using Email to Find an Audience

My new column explains how to use email to find an audience for your photos. Here's the article description: Harold’s new series of columns on Finding an Audience for…



Along the banks of the Merced today while the children played I photographed water drops. In this one, you can see the beginnings of spring. The water drop is on…


Jade Forest

Briefly noted: I am not escaping into the water worlds and forests of drops; rather, I am taking the boys to Yosemite for a few days. The girls stay behind…

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The Photoshop Darkroom2 Discussions

One of our recent books, The Photoshop Darkroom 2: Creative Digital Transformations (Focal Press), continues to be the subject of somewhat heated discussion on Amazon, with 17 customer reviews to…

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Jade Drops

Around the corner a huge Jade Plant, Crassula argentea, grows out over the street. This plant is an excellent waterdrop catcher, and I enjoy photographing it following the rain. This…

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