Eros: Sensual Portraits

Eros: Sensual Portraits

Everytime I post an image of an attractive woman on my blog I get emails asking whether my marriage is in trouble. I appreciate the concern, and thank you! But as Phyllis says, the fact that we can work together on a project like Eros: Sensual Portraits makes our marriage stronger.

For me, photographing an attractive model is not so very different from photographing flowers (for that matter, there are some pretty overtly sexy flowers like this poppy) or mountains, or clothed people, or any of the many things I like to make imagery from.

But I digress. Eros: Sensual Portraits is a Kindle book, available in electronic form from Amazon. Here’s more about the book:

The photos in “Eros: Sensual Portraits” are my favorite ones that I’ve made from sessions with professional models over the past year. It is my hope that these black and white images are seen as tasteful and respectful, even though they are unabashedly sensual and erotic. My idea is to celebrate the beauty of the models, and to create with photos and some words what amounts to a love poem.

The forces of eros and sensuality are part of what makes this world a fun and wonderful place to be. The beauty of the female human form can be presented in a way that is erotic without being blatant. In fact, it is well known that artfully decorating with attractive lingerie can be more arousing than full disclosure.

I hope you enjoy my love poem. It has certainly been fun to create!

Warning: Full frontal nudity. For adults only.

Here’s the link to Eros: Sensual Portraits on Amazon (it is only $2.99 to download).

Eros: Sensual Portraits is our second straight-to-Kindle e-Book. The first one is DAM: Be the Boss of Your Photos.

By the way, it’s easy to read a Kindle book on your Windows PC, Mac OS-X, iPad, or almost any other device. There’s no cost for downloading the readers for these platforms.

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