Lumiere Fillagree

This is a combination of two hand-held shots. The carousel in the foreground was photographed at 3 seconds and f/22 at ISO 64. The three second exposure produced the filigree effect.…


Sunflowers and Friends

Sunflowers and Friends is a light box bracketed high-key sequence combined in Photoshop. The sunflowers, echinacea, and other flowers are from our garden, and shown in In the field for transparency…

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I can only give my heart

Words have a place as a companion to photography, as titles, in captions, in statements, and in books that combine words and imagery. It's often a useful exercise to attempt…


Happy Birthday Mom

The other day we celebrated my Mom's 86th birthday. My Mom, Virginia Davis, is a working artist, deeply interested in the textiles and art of Mexico. So it seems appropriate that…

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Old Train Bridge

I photographed this old train bridge in Maine, with the idea of extending the apparent length of the bridge visually as far as I could. To achieve this goal in…


Monhegan Island Storm

Monhegan Island is a small island twelve miles off the coast of Maine. There are a handful of year around residents who mostly fish for lobster, many artists who come…


Lobsters for Dinner

They said, "Have as many lobsters as you want for dinner." For a while all was lobster bibs, drawn butter, lobsters claws cracking, and the sounds of contented eating. When…

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