Mums the Word

I pulled these pretty images of a field of chrysanthemums on a light box from my files, and processed it the other day. Did you know that "Odour of Chrysanthemums"…

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My Best of 2016
Orchids in a Blue Bowl © Harold Davis

My Best of 2016

2016 is a year of the fire monkey. This is by way of saying that one should rightfully have expected the unexpected. The monkey is a trickster, and not always…


Floral Tondo Variations

Which of these versions of my first floral tondo do you like better? My favorite is Flower Tondo 1 Variation Inversion, shown immediately below on black, without the fancy curvilinear "virtual"…

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Floral Tondo

Tondo is a Renaissance term for a circular painting. To create my floral tondo, I started with a circular pattern on my light box. I arranged an array of petals---mostly…


Five Minute Wave Exposures

In the practice of modern photography, an exposure as long as five minutes duration during daytime hours seems like eternity. This is particularly true in the context of the raging…


I Heart Mom

Here's a portrait of her Mom that Katie Rose made using her pastels. I can sure see the spirit and the likeness in this drawing!



This is the box of pastels that Katie Rose loves to use to make her art. You can see she uses the pastels hard, but treats them with great care,…

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