On Beauty and Art

Liz writes the Exploring Colour Blog from New Zealand. She used my image of the Blue Danube in a story on the color Indigo. Next, Liz was stimulated to start…

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Pretty in Pink

The upper image shows Anemones and Alstromerias ("Peruvian lilies") from my garden, both pink flowers, and if you look carefully, two butterflies as well. I used a slightly modified technique…

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Flowers for Kwangsik

Kwangsik came from Korea to attend our San Francisco in Black & White workshop this past weekend. On Friday, by special arrangement, he spent some time with me going over…


Where be the nestling dragon?

Castle Corvin, located in the center of the drab Romanian provincial city of Hunedoara (and sometimes called Hunedoara Castle), is one of the finest castles I have ever seen. Do…

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Blue Danube

The Danube River meanders from central Europe down through Budapest, finally to end in a Black Sea delta in southeastern Romania. The photo below shows the Danube at blue-hour-into-night looking…


Welcome Home Flowers

It's great to come home to tulips and lobelias from the garden to photograph. Thank you Phyllis! Not to mention such a lovely, warm, and wonderful family. I photographed the…

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Budapest Jewish Quarter

This huge designer advertisement is applied to the wall of an apartment building that stands to the side of one of the entrances to the old Budapest, Hungary Jewish quarter.…

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Perfect Dandelion

It's great to be home again after my interesting photographic tour of Romania, with domestic quests on hand like finding the perfect dandelion core!

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Umbrellas over Bucharest

The Old Town of Bucharest, Romania seems like a really happening place. When the lights go down, the action comes out, and most likely, as Arlo Guthrie put it in…


Bran Castle

Bran Castle was originally a kind of customs checkpoint guarding a mountain pass. Perhaps because of its rugged appearance it has become associated with the Bram Stoker Dracula story, although…

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