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Phyllis and I have created many conventionally published photography books. Recently, we’ve become interested in the possibility of using new technology to create a hand made, limited edition art book, reminiscent of the botanical art of earlier centuries. You’ll find some of the details of our Botanique project below. We’ve turned to Kickstarter to, well, kickstart our project and help make it a reality—and if you are interested in our idea we’d greatly appreciate your support!

Easter Lilies, Dahlias, and a Gaillardia by Harold Davis

Easter Lilies, Dahlias, and a Gaillardia © Harold Davis

Project details: Botanique is an homage to the botannical art of the nineteenth century, and combines old and new craft and technology in the format of a handmade book presented on exotic surfaces. This project is conceived, designed, and fabricated by master photographer Harold Davis and well-known book designer Phyllis Davis.

The 9″ X 12″ book features 12+ plates on surfaces such as vellum, Washi rice paper, and pearlized metallic substrate. One extradinary feature is the double-wide pull-out of one of Harold Davis’s well known floral panoramas on Unryu “Dragon’s Breath” Washi Rice paper.

Botanique is presented in a presentation case suitable for display and includes a hand-signed and numbered colophon with information about the materials and processes used, as well as the edition information. The book is limited to 25 numbered copies (plus five artist’s copies).

Harold Davis states: “My wife Phyllis and I have collaborated on many successful bestselling photography books published conventionally. However, we both love using the latest technology along with the tradition of one-of-a-kind crafting, and have been experimenting with handmade art books. Botanique is a labor of love.”

Click here to view the Botanique project on Kickstarter.

About Kickstarter: If you are curious about Kickstarter, it is a “crowd-sourcing” platform for funding creative projects.  Kickstarter is powered by an all-or-nothing funding method where projects must be fully-funded or no money changes hands.

Some Harold Davis botanical images that will be in the art book: Check out Peonies mon amour, Red Poppies and White Irises.

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