What some Botanique collectors have said

Botanique by Harold Davis

The display font used in Botanique is derived from Walt Whitman’s handwriting

Acclaimed as “origami in a box” and said to be “destined for major museums,” Botanique is an innovative artist project that astutely blends old craft and cutting edge new technologies to create an exquisite limited edition art book and art object that is completely unique.

Working together in their studio, legendary photographer and digital artist Harold Davis his wife, graphic designer Phyllis Davis, have combined advanced digital pigment printing with the luscious botanical art of Harold Davis. Every aspect of the project has been carefully designed and hand-crafted.

According to Popular Photography Magazine, the floral prints of Harold Davis “border on the spiritual.” Botanique contains twenty-one luscious floral prints that emerge delicately and seductively from the hand-assembled presentation box. The clam shell box measures approximately 9.25″ X 12.5″ X 1″ deep.

The Botanique project was originally successfully funded and crowd-sourced via a Kickstarter project.

Uniquely conceived and handcrafted using a blend of new and old techniques, Botanique is expected to be the first of a number of limited edition artist projects from the creative Davis photography and design studio.

Here’s what some of the collectors of Botanique have said:

  • “I didn’t open it until last night because I was really busy and wanted to take time to savor every page. It’s BEAUTIFUL! Thank you very much.”—S.M.
  • “I had time today to sit down and slowly admire each and every page of your amazing book. It is absolutely gorgeous…a true collector’s item…and is a reflection of the beauty and light within you both. I’m honored to be one of the people who has the privilege to own this book and will treasure it always.”—B.A.
  • ”Arrived home from France this evening to find my copy of Botanique waiting for me . . . the book and accompanying prints are indescribably beautiful.”—B.G.

Click here for more information about Botanique, a limited edition artists book by Harold Davis.

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