New Harold Davis Kickstarter: Monochromatic Visions

We’re pleased to announce my new Kickstarter project, Monochromatic VisionsMonochromatic Visions is a highly collectible, limited edition portfolio of twelve prints by master photographer Harold Davis. The Monochromatic Visions portfolio presentation is strictly limited to twelve numbered copies, plus three artist proofs. Here are thumbnails of the twelve images in the portfolio:

The photographs in Monochromatic Visions were created using high-dynamic range (HDR) techniques that will be explained in my forthcoming book Monochromatic HDR Photography from Focal Press. This process involves sequential multiple digital RAW exposures, or a single RAW exposure processed multiple times. The blended exposures or processes are then rendered into a single color master file. The final color version of the image is then remastered to monochrome, using innovative layering and processing techniques of my own invention.

Check out Monochromatic Visions on Kickstarter.

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