Room with a View

In photography, as in life, there are always at least two points of view: that of the camera, and that of the subject. My title for Room with a View may seem sardonic, but actually it was an interesting view—and far better than the view from the first room I had at this luxury Parisian hotel, which was buried at the bottom of a deep courtyard. Kind of reminded me of the view from one of my New York studios facing a dark air shaft, but I digress.

Which room has the view? My view of curves, shapes and lines, and facing a rooftop Parisian apartment window sporting a pair of sneakers stored outside—or the window-with-sneakers facing towards me, with a view of my window (you may have to look hard to see the sneakers in aerated storage, click on the image to view it larger!).

Room with a View by Harold Davis

Room with a View © Harold Davis

Exposure data: 70mm, eight exposures at shutter speeds between 3/10 of a second and 1/160 of a second, each exposure at f/25 and ISO 100, tripod mounted; exposures processed and combined in Photoshop and converted to monochromatic using Silver Efex Pro.

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