Using Backgrounds and Textures webinar recording available

Using Backgrounds and Textures with Harold Davis Webinar Recording


Have you ever wanted to turn your photos into fine art design pieces? With a little bit of Photoshop know-how, a few inexpensive tools, and the techniques explained in this webinar, it’s easy to create unique art imagery, guided by your vision and creativity.

Placing a photo on a background creates an image that looks like a botanical illustration. Adding a texture to a photo is can be used for an impressionistic and/or painterly effect.

Digital artist and master photographer Harold Davis states, “The two primary techniques that I use to turn straightforward photos into art are to add a photo to a background, and to add a texture to photos. These two techniques have a very visual different impact, and can be particularly effective with my botanical art.”

It’s easy to add a whole set of techniques to your creative use of Photoshop! Watch Harold as he explains the entire process of using backgrounds and textures, then shows how to use them in the actual context of his own work.

Here are some comments from viewers of this webinar:

  • “I have been using textures for a while, but watching this webinar showed me some new things. Great information.”
  • “Up all night and enthused about textures after watching your video. Great info about layer masking. Thanks!”
  • You hit the mark for me, Harold! Filled in all the gaps. Thank you!”

In this webinar recording, Harold Davis explains how you can use the power of backgrounds and textures in your own work. The Using Backgrounds and Textures with Harold Davis webinar explains:

• Creative use of backgrounds and textures
• The difference between a background and a texture
• Making your own backgrounds
• Making your own textures
• Commercial libraries
• How to apply an image to a background
• Using textures and blending modes
• Backgrounds and textures in botannicals
• Using textures with people photography
• Enhancing landscape photos with artistic effects
• What to do, what not to do, and examples

Click here for the Using Backgrounds and Textures with Harold Davis webinar recording (approximately 65 minutes, the cost for access to the recording is $19.95).

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