Making Memorable Travel Photos Webinar now available

Making Memorable Travel Photos webinar recording (Unlimited access $19.95)

Please consider viewing and learning from this exciting, new webinar offering that will help you learn to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, and find the extraordinary when you travel.

01-titleMany of us like to travel, and when we travel we bring our cameras. But there’s a strange paradox: no matter how unique and photogenic our destinations, mostly the photos we come back with are pretty dull. Your travel photos do not have to be boring!

In this presentation, noted photographer and digital artist Harold Davis shares his spectacular imagery from many places around the world as well as “abroad at home.” He’ll share the backstories about how many of his images were made, and what was going on at the time of the exposure. Hint: If men in military uniforms come toward you pointing automatic weapons, stop photographing whatever it is that you are photographing, and turn around slowly!

While showing his award-winning imagery, and sharing his travel photography stories, Harold will explain topics including:

The Making Memorable Travel Photos webinar recording covers:

  • How to research and prepare for any travel destination
  • Planning tools that Harold uses to maximize his chances of photographic success
  • Figuring out where the light is coming from to get the best photos
  • How to be “at home abroad” no matter what your destination
  • Making travel photos that rise above the mundane
  • Photographing people when you travel
  • How to ask a stranger permission to take their photo
  • Making travel photos with a personal viewpoint
  • How to get good shots when you are with a group

Want to move your photographic imagery from the mundane to the artistic? Then maybe this webinar—is for you! Learn to find the special at home and abroad in this extraordinary presentation from Harold Davis, one of the living masters of digital photography.

One participant in the live session noted, “Harold’s webinars are always interesting. I learned quite a bit.” Another participant added, “We just finished attending your Memorable Travel Photos webinar, and also attended the Converting to Black and White webinar a week or so ago. My wife and I found both of them to be very educational and inspiring.”

Click here to register for unlimited access to this webinar recording (unlimited access is $19.95).

Also, please consider joining an international group of photographers with me when we explore the Sea-Girt Villages of Italy in October, 2015.

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