Panorama from Morocco

This is a thirty-image panorama I shot in Boulmane Dades, an oasis in trans-Atlas Morocco, at sunset. Each image was 36 MP, so the entire panorama made for a very big file indeed. This version is reduced in size so that it can be viewed!
[photonav url=’’ mode=drag popup=colorbox animate=left position=right]
If the panorama doesn’t start moving automatically, you can move it with your mouse (or a gesture) to see all of it! Stop the motion by clicking in the image area; double-click to open it larger in its own window.

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  1. Great work, Harold! As usual, indeed.
    My I ask some question? I hope yes. The questions are: 1) Did you rotated the camera around the nodal point of the lens? (if yes) Did you find the nodal point on the go? Did you choose “auto” in the PS stitching module? Thank-you for your answers (if any) 🙂


  2. Hi Mauro, The best way to rotate around the nodal point is to use a tripod head that is designed for this. I was photographing hand-held, so this level of accuracy regarding the nodal point was not possible. Roughly speaking, the nodal point is aligned with the end of the lens, this is what you want to rotate around rather than the camera focal plane (which seems like the intuitive choice). So as best as I could guesstimate I rotated “informally” around the nodal point.

    Regarding your second question, yes I used “auto” in the PS merge software. I also tried PTGui for stitching these together, but Photoshop actually did a better job.

    Your friend as always, Harold

  3. Hi Harold,
    ant thank-you for you detailed answer. Let me say that, the “informality” of the production process, allow me to say: WOW!
    Best regard, my friend


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