Pre-order Achieving Your Potential as a Photographer

You can now pre-order my new Focal Press book, Achieving Your Potential As a Photographer: A Photographer’s Creative Companion and Workbook. This book is one part inspiration, one part an organized plan for jump starting your creative photography, and one part a distillation of the key things I have learned in my work as an artist and photographer. Exercises and workbook pages are bound into the book, to be used as part of your creative photographic process.


Here’s the book description on Amazon:

Coming from the perspective that true inspiration and great image making are at the core of any high-level photographic endeavor, Achieving Your Potential As a Photographer presents an organized and cohesive plan for kick-starting creativity, and then taking the resulting work into the real world. The ideas presented have been formulated by Harold Davis over many years working as a creative artist and award-wining photographer, and in the celebrated workshops he has developed and led all around the world. These concepts are presented with accompanying exercises so that readers can put them into everyday practice as well as workbook pages bound into the book for note taking and journaling.

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