Mount Diablo Sunrise

The drive between Nicky’s pre-school drop-off and Julian’s second grade drop-off goes along the crest of the coastal range. (In this metropolitan area, the creat of the coastal range also means the Berkeley and Oakland Hills.)

The whole Bay area is part of a great Pacifdic weather system that waters the inland valley, California’s “bread basket”.

This weather system is like a bellows, pushing a giant fog bank out and in. Some days the fog bank hovers out at sea, beyond the Golden Gate, at the edge of the horizon and of sight.

More often, at this time of year, the fog bank rushes in after sunset, and is pushed back out in the morning by the warming sun.

Depending on where in the cycle things are, the ride between pre-school and grade school can be fogged in with no visibility, completely clear, or anywhere in between. I’ve begun to bring my camera on the ride because some of the views are so special.

This one is from the road looking east towards Mount Diablo.

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