San Francisco Sunset from Port Oakland

Yesterday I hosted a Meetup primarily to provide a forum for Rafael of PhotoPills to explain the PhotoPills planning software to interested photographers, and also for the fun of hanging out with fellow photographers. There were old friends and new friends, but first we almost ended before we began, as the original location at Middleshore Park in Oakland was usurped by a concert. Quick on our feet, we changed the location to Port View Park, a short distance away, where we socialized on a pier, listened to Rafael, and photographed the spectacular sunset.

San Francisco Sunset © Harold Davis

Image above: three combined exposures, each exposure at 78mm, f/7.1, and ISO 64, tripod mounted; exposure times 2.5 seconds, 5 seconds, and 8 seconds. Image below: photographed at 300mm, handheld, 1/8000 of a second at f/5.6 and ISO 200.

San Francisco Sunset from Port Oakland © Harold Davis

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