Under Gray and Lowering Clouds

This morning I hoisted my camera backpack, and headed out into gray weather with lowering clouds. During the course of this day I was to experience torrential rain, steady hail, and occasional shafts of brilliant sunshine.

Before I get into today’s adventures I want to show a few images from Portmarin, where I spent the night. Whatever the politics of rebuilding this submerged city were are hard to know from this distance (it happened in the 1960s), but it truly seems too bad that this historic town was destroyed.

Here is the rebuilt fortified church, and some of the crossings of the River Mino, the river that was damned to submerge the town.

Rebuilt Romanesque Fortress Church © Harold Davis

Crossing the River Mino © Harold Davis

Besides the volatile weather, it was a remarkable walk today, with pine forests, an ancient ruined citadel that predates the Roman conquest of Iberia, and finally a country room with lace curtains!

Pine Forest © Harold Davis

Castromaior Citadel © Harold Davis

Lace Curtains © Harold Davis

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