A Pandemic Year of Webinars—Video Recordings

“Do you have any idea how productive we’ve been?” I asked my spouse, as I compiled a page of links to our recent webinar video recordings. I had no idea myself, until I put together this list. 

You can watch these recordings for free by following the links on the Webinar Video Recording page. There are 37 videos, most well over an hour. The pandemic came along, we hunkered down, and got busy with webinars. You can check them out here, the good, the bad, and not-so-much the ugly in categories including Photographing Flowers for Transparency on the Light Box, Black & White, Photoshop and LAB Color, and Inspiration and Exploration. I’m particularly pleased with the guest photographers we brought in, who helped us contribute to some great charitable causes when they showed their work.

Thanks to everyone who has been part of our photographic community this difficult year!

Please consider joining us live. Click here to see our current schedule of live webinars.

Metamorphosis © Harold Davis
Metamorphosis © Harold Davis

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