Creative LAB Color Essentials Webinar this Saturday

Hydrangea Relativity © Harold Davis
Hydrangea Relativity © Harold Davis

The Creative LAB Essentials Webinar this Saturday January 30, 2021 at 11am PT will be a great review of LAB Color if you’ve worked in LAB before, and an exciting introduction if this is your very first exposure to this incredibly cool topic.

Following a short presentation, I’ll proceed by demonstration. Topics to be covered include:

  • How LAB color works, and its implementation in Photoshop
  • Colors and channels
  • Inversions: the two images shown accompanying this post are an example of an LAB L-channel inversion
  • Creative sharpening with LAB
  • Downloading, installing, and working with my (free) LAB Photoshop Action

Advanced registration is required. Click here for webinar registration, and here for more information.

Hydrangea Relativity Inversion © Harold Davis
Hydrangea Relativity Inversion © Harold Davis

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