Photographer Alfred Steiglitz called his famous series of cloud photos “equivalents”–meaning, as far as I can tell, that the cloud subject material was not as relevant to the experience of viewing the photograph as the emotional response, or equivalence, of the person looking at the photo. There’s something in this.

I took this photo of a wondeful (and brief) sunset sky this evening while I was out with Julian. This incredibly colorful, staturated stretch of sky and cloudscape lasted for only a couple of minutes–although the entire “show” this evening from about 4PM to 5:30 or so was wonderful.

People were seated and sprawled all over Indian Rock watching, as Julian and I agreed, just like at a campfire presentation in Yosemite.

Except for routine level adjustments, balancing, and sharpening, this photo of clouds has not been Photoshopped. The colors were this fantastic!

Note to the reader who called my fig photos “disgusting and disturbing”: You’ll be glad to see that I have moved on!

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