Orchid Angel

As I noted recently, orchids are a slipperly slope and tender trap. I went to Berkeley Hort with my Lens Baby macro setup, and had fun photographing orchids. These photos are all with my Lens Baby 2.0, various macro magnifications, the f/5.6 aperture ring, handheld at about 1/125 of a second. I used the f/5.6 aperture ring to get a reasonable sized sweet spot.

The photo above reminds me of an angel. In contrast, this one makes me think of alien eyeballs:

Orchid Detail IV

View this photo larger.

This one is a heart, or maybe a little devil:

Orchid Detail I

View this photo larger.

This one might be a tongue and mouth, or maybe it is just plain weird and beautiful:

Orchid Detail II

View this photo larger.

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  1. […] tail VII, photo by Harold Davis. View this photo larger. I’m just so in love with these orchids, as I’ve said it is a slippery slope. I don’t want to become like this couple […]

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