Photoshop Tutorial: Multi-RAW Processing

I’ve written a new tutorial on multi-RAW processing in ACR (Adobe Camera RAW) and Photoshop. This technique involves extending the dynamic range of a single RAW capture by processing the RAW file more than once, and selectively combining the processed versions as layers in Photoshop.

You’ll find my tutorial on Here’s the description from’s newsletter: “Harold Davis embarks on the first of many future creative Advanced Photoshop Tutorials. If you’ve seen his portfolio, you may wonder how he gets such rich vibrant colors and almost a surreal feel to his images without a heavily processed feel. Harold breaks down the steps involved for using multi-RAW processing in your workflow—his secret sauce for creatively post-processing images. Download the example image and follow along.”

Read the Multi-RAW Processing Tutorial.

From the introduction to the article:

My first and biggest “aha” revelation about digital photography took place the day I discovered multi-RAW processing—processing a single RAW photo file more than once. For me, the ability to process a RAW file multiple times—taking the best of each processing job for the final image—is the most important advantage that digital photography has over film photography.

If you don’t multi-RAW process, you can take photos with immediacy—but you are losing out on a great part of the richness of digital photography.

Red Car Reflections

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