Flowers Forever

This is a round-up of some of my recent flower photographs in and around my garden.

The photograph above is of a cymbidium. Cymbidiums are orchids originally from the lower slopes of the Himalayas. They grow well outdoors here.

I photographed this cymbidium early this morning after an overnight rain. My cymbidiums are on our front porch. In the morning, they were in bright but overcast light. I was easily able to position my tripod with extension tube, macro lens, and +4 diopter close-up filter for a stopped-down aperture.

The new wisteria buds shown in the next two photographs hang over our garage. I photographed them yesterday hanging out of our living room window (for a moment there I was literally hanging, too!).

These photos are handheld, using a vibration reduction (VR) zoom and extension tube. They were brightly side-lit by yesterday’s late afternoon sun.

I think both photographs (but particularly the first one) are worth looking at larger.

Wisteria 1

View this capture larger.

Wisteria 2

View this capture larger.

The last photograph in this round-up is a young ranunculus bud. It’s kind of a weird photo: for an extremely close-in flower macro it has a lot going on. The flower also looks slightly X-rated to me, but that may only be me…

I photographed this flower a few days ago in Julian’s garden (Julian is my eight-year old) straight down on a tripod.

Young Ranunculus

View this capture larger.

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