Second Christmas of Katie Rose

Second Christmas of Katie Rose

Second Christmas of Katie Rose, photo by Harold Davis.

Katie Rose enjoyed her second Christmas with full comprehension of the important role that presents play in the festivities. Those of you that have followed her story since her birth will understand what a miracle this represents. There’s some delay in gross motor skills, but Katie has perfected the “commando” crawl. On a wooden floor this looks a great deal like swimming. Katie’s vocabulary increases day-to-day, with “ight” [light] and “oor” [door] frequent favorites.

We don’t normally dress Katie Rose in girly outfits like the one shown (a Christmas gift from her Grandma Barbara). For one thing, it isn’t easy to crawl in a dress. Our policy is to treat Katie just like we did her three brothers. Perhaps it is something innate—she seems to enjoy being dressed up. And also the freedom to crawl when we took the dress off and put her back in “normal” clothes.

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  1. What a sparkly eyes! Plenty of life and joy! I’have got two children that are 6 and 10. If you have four, wow! lot of work. Well , love and love and children grow up in harmony.
    I’m absolutely impressed about the clarity ,I guess F14 as minimun and a good 2.8 (as minimum). I supose with a tripod. Meavy with remote click…and tones of love , of course.

  2. I read the exif. I’m very wrong F5 and 1/100. And ISO 500! Definitively I must learn and learn more technique books! I thought that calrity was very good from F8 to up. And I thought that at f5 the back ground had a little blur aspect. I had to practice more!

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