Introduction to Compositing

Shadow Within 2

Shadow Within 2, photo by Harold Davis. View this image larger. Read the original story featuring this image.

My column about the wonderful universe of compositing is live on Here’s the description:

Compositing, or photo compositing, is the technique—art and craft—of combining images to create a new image. The newly created image often presents its own version of reality. Compositing comes into its own as a fine art technique, where concerns are conceptual, aesthetic and visual rather than related to factual concerns, ethics and marketing. In this latest advanced Photoshop tutorial, Harold Davis concentrates on compositing to create art images—in any case the techniques are essentially the same no matter what the intended usage.

Disclaimer: this article contains a partially nude art image. Those at work or who find nude images distasteful may wish to skip reading this piece.

Link to the Introduction to Compositing article.

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