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Julian is almost eight. He like Star Wars, Legos, and shipwrecks. He’s proud of his abilities as an acrobat, and happy to have finished first grade. Summer vacation is great!

Nicky is three and a half. He loves his pre-school, and trains most of all (he calls himself the “Nicky Engine”). He is always testing to see what he can get away with. He’s a charming, wonderful little rascal. He introduces himself to strangers in the playground: “Hi! I’m Nicky. Come play with me.”

Mathew will be one year old soon. How the time flies! He’s a big, healthy, bouncing baby who loves his big brothers and has a great time exploring the world around him.

Photographing one’s kids is great fun, but not always as easy as it seems. Kids like being photographed, but they don’t understand posing, or holding still. So you have to be ready when the picture is right, and not assume it will come on your time.

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