Yosemite Storm

A winter storm blanketed Yosemite Valley. The snow was driving hard, wet, and falling heavily. Even dressed for winter, we got cold walking a few hundred feet. Photography in these conditions was not ideal.

I decided to get us in the car, where it was warm, and to take a chance that there might be something to see (and photograph) from Tunnel View. At the turn-off near Bridal Veil Falls, a Ranger stopped us to verify we were in 4-wheel drive and had snow chains.

We chugged slowly up the icy grade. Tunnel View for once was without the usual crowd of photographers and fellow travelers. The clouds were down low, Tunnel View parking lot was covered with snow, and the view a wall of whiteness.

Julian and I waited for a while in the car, heater on, stereo blasting the Dies irae from Mozart’s Requiem over and over again. This haunting and sad music, Julian’s current musical obsession, went well with the bleak surroundings.

Then the clouds lifted for a minute or two, I hurried outside and snapped this image of the transcendal landscape of Yosemite. All too soon the cloud cover was back in place again, and snow was falling hard on the windshield in time with Mozart’s music of death and redemption.

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