Quartet of Roses

I photographed this quartet of roses as part of a commission for a cosmetics company.

As a professional photographer, I’m a fairly rare bird: my prime directive is to satisfy my own aesthetic. If other people–such as clients–like my photos too, that’s an added bonus.

But assignments are great! OK, they help pay my mortgage and the ever-burgeoning health insurance bill for my family. But beyond the crassly monetary aspect, assignments broaden my horizons, lead my in unexpected directions, challenge me to try new techniques, and sometimes even really get me going creatively.

Of course, you do have to be careful about what commissions you accept, and under what conditions. Some clients are a pleasure, and others are not.

In this case, the client found me through my Flickr photograms (and, I think, this blog). Encouraging, because it validates my strategy as a professional of using my blog and my Flickr photostream to give my images exposure.

Rose Study 1

View this image larger.

Rose Study 4

View this image larger.

Rose Study 5

View this image larger.

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