This is a 1/4 second exposure taken at the intertidal zone of Drakes Beach. I was standing at a spot where a small, seasonal creek comes down to the beach. In the middle of the exposure, a wave came in and I had to grab my tripod and camera to move it out of harm’s way.

In the photo you can see the view straight down on the surf (my original photo), as well as the curve of the bluffs surrounding Drakes Bay (the second portion of the exposure after I placed the tripod down on safer ground). The shadowy line on the upper right of the photo may even be my companion, Mike Trimble.

I can’t take full credit for the results since the technique was accidental. But I do think the effect is a bit eerie, mysterious, and surreal. A little like a mellower J.M.W. Turner painting in his later days when he was mainly interested in the play of light on the waves (for example, Snow Storm – Steam-boat off a Harbour’s Mouth).

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  1. guapa.egg April 23, 2007 at 8:18 pm #

    I love your works!
    They are always so quiet, tense but calm, and peaceful.
    I happened to encounter your rose photos, then was led to your beautiful photoblog. I couldn’t resist to leave message this time!
    Looking forward to your updates from Japan.

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