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As is probably typical of book authors, I’m pretty obsessive about checking the rankings and reviews for my books on Amazon. I wanted to share with you some of the great reviews of Creative Landscapes: Digital Photography Tips & Techniques. Thanks everyone for these thoughtful and positive narratives—I appreciate them more than words can say!

Creative Landscapes: Digital Tips & Techniques

“This is not another technical introduction to digital photography, but rather like taking some enjoyable long walks with a more-experienced photographer friend, one whose original training was in art and whose interests are wide ranging, and who tells you what he has distilled out of years of thoughtful practice and love of photography. The voice in the book is personal as Davis describes his views of landscape photography, discusses how to work in a variety of enviroments, tells the stories behind some of the images, and quotes other photographers whom he admires.”—Marianne Glosenger

“Harold’s book is one of the stepping stones, one of the tools for developing the craft that is of a Landscape Photographer.”—Kenneth G. Millett

“This is just a stunning book.”—Mary Darling

“What I appreciated from Davis’ work is his grounded understanding of what it takes to render a powerful and captivating landscape photo. From patience to vision, from technical knowledge of the equipment to conveying an emotion in you work; these are all ingredients to deliver a memorable landscape image. Underscoring all this is a critical understanding of the raw ingredients to make the image work, light. Davis gives you gift of understanding all these elements to enable you to strengthen your future photographic landscapes. Whether you are just getting started or seasoned like me, purchasing this book is a great investment in yourself. It will help you not only with your landscape photography, but will enrich your perspective as you pursue your own journey in self-expression through photography.”—Don Watson

“I can honestly say this is one of Harold’s best books. Many of the subjects were review for me, but I never felt bored by the presentation. The material is presented in a way that makes you think you are right there with him. I recommend this book to anyone looking to expand their knowledge of landscape photography. It’s easy to look past the information you already know, when you have a great teacher. I know I learned a few new tricks.”—Travis Forbear

“[T]his book covers everything from planning the trip, composing the shot, and post-processing. It has so many useful reminders, good ideas, and technical tips. This book to read and re-read to be informed and inspired to create wonderful landscape photographs. Perfect gift for everyone who is interested in photography.”—Grace Bourke

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