Stonemountain and Daughter, and Ribbons, and HDR

Ribbons © Harold Davis

Ribbons © Harold Davis

This is a portion of the ribbons rack at Stonemountain and Daughter, a very cool fabric store here in Berkeley, shot for HDR in seven exposures. I used a 12mm wide-angle focal length, and shot each frame at f/13 and ISO 100.

Exposure times varied between 1/40 of second (the darkest exposure) to 6 seconds (the lightest exposure). Since the duration of the exposure in digital photography is linear, it’s easy to see that there’s a 240 multiplicative factor from darkest exposure to lightest exposure, leaving aside the range inherent within each RAW capture.

It was kind of Stonemountain to let me and my tripod photograph at will in their colorful aisles. I suspect that the new full-spectrum lighting system installed at the store may have helped the colors come out so vividly.

I processed the seven images laboriously to maximize the effect, using Nik’s Merge to HDR Pro, Photoshop’s HDR toning, and a great deal of hand RAW processing and layering.

These recent HDR images were processed in essentially the same way:

Gone with the Wind
Arrested Decay

If you are interested, here’s the Stonemountain & Daughter blog.

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