Self-Portrait in Faucet

We’ve had a spate of minor—but surprisingly expensive—plumbing repairs recently. I took advantage of one of these to shoot our new kitchen faucet with my 200mm macro lens. Who knew I’d end up with a self-portrait?

Self-portrait in faucet by Harold Davis

Self-Portrait in Faucet © Harold Davis

Probably all artists have some degree of narcissism, although I do try to keep mine in check. The kids work well to counterbalance any such tendencies. But I do enjoy making self-portraits—here’s my Self-Portrait with Moustache, to some extent in homage to Dali.

Getting back to plumbing, it’s amazing what one can find in one’s fixtures besides oneself. In this image, Darth Vador seems to have made an unexpected appearance. May the faucet be with you!

Darth in my Faucet

Darth in My Faucet © Harold Davis

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