Pagan Goddess

With flowers beginning to burst forth in my neighborhood with all their sensual energy my thoughts turn “naturally” to the passion of nature. Nature is wonderful, nature can be fearsome, and as I have learned, nature can be utterly indifferent. When you are in its grip, indifferent nature simply doesn’t care if you live or die. I once wrote a story on this topic, Does the Wilderness Care about Me?with the answer to the question a resounding “No.” The wilderness does not care, it just is.

Pagan Dreams © Harold Davis

Pagan Dreams © Harold Davis

These aspects of nature—beauty, awe, fear, and indifference—are like those I feel in the presence of a truly beautiful woman.

Of course, beautiful women are part of nature. But there’s a reason that many religions portray strange women deities as a force of nature, and (alternatively) a source of fear and delight. I’ve tried to show this in my Multiple Exposures series, combined with twisted and contorted mash-up references to great moments in art history.

The model and co-choreographer of this image is the talented Zoe West.

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