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I am leaving in a few days on the first of my summer teaching adventures: First for Prague in the Czech Republic, and then to teach a Black & White Masterclass in Heidelberg, Germany. Before departing on this trip, I wanted to share some news and give you some workshop updates.

Alte Brucke Heidelberg © Harold Davis

Alte Brucke Heidelberg © Harold Davis

Recently, the advance copies of my new book, Achieving Your Potential As a Photographer: A Photographer’s Creative Companion and Workbook arrived. I am very excited and pleased with how my new book has come out, but of course I want to hear what you think once your copy has arrived. This book and the workbook that comes as part of it are specially designed as an aid to boosting the creativity in your photography (and life) so I would particularly like to know how it may have impacted your ongoing photography.


The bulk of the copies are coming on the proverbial boat from China, but it is great news and exciting for us that this project we have labored on so long will finally soon be available on Amazon, at Barnes & Nobles, and other bookstores.

Regarding workshops, the April 2016 photo-tour workshop to Southwest France, it is now fully subscribed, but we are taking a waiting list.

On the other hand, the autumn 2015 photography adventure to the sea-girt villages of Italy has a few spaces left, and I welcome interest from photographers in this exclusive photo tour. It will be a great photographic experience with a small group of photographers!

Harold Davis-Mona-Italy

There is only one spot available in the Flower Photography workshop I will be giving in Maine the first week of August. I don’t expect this opening to remain available for very long, and personally I am looking forward very much to exploring Maine. It is a part of the world I don’t know very well.

Parade of Peonies © Harold Davis

Parade of Peonies © Harold Davis

For 2016, I am taking an interest list for a Photographing Flowers for Transparency workshop in the San Francisco Bay area. Details are yet to be worked out, but you can indicate interest (there is no charge for the interest list) by clicking here to go to I’ll also be giving a 2016 version of my Achieving Your Potential mentoring workshop (ongoing for six months), you can find information about how to apply for admission by clicking here.

Thant’s it for now! Please feel free to contact me for more information about any of these items. I hope to be able to blog from Prague and Heidelberg, time permitting—and as always I look forward to hearing from my photography community.

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